AEGIX AIM Emergency Management System Upgraded and is Now Free for Law Enforcement

Groundbreaking technology platform to better manage emergencies such as active shooter situations is now available for Police Departments, Sheriff’s Departments and dispatch at no cost.

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AEGIX Global today announced its AEGIX AIM (Active Incident Management) System, designed to streamline and improve how emergencies are managed has received a major upgrade. The company also announced that this solution is being made available at no cost to Police Departments, Sheriff’s Departments and dispatch through the AEGIX Humanitarian Foundation. To see a demo of the system, attendees of the 2022 IACP conference may visit the AEGIX booth #4119.

The AEGIX AIM platform includes a user-friendly push-button app to manage emergencies from a desktop, laptop or smartphone. The system allows for individuals in an organization such as a school, state capitol building, hospital or private office building to notify others of an emergency with a touch of a button. Key law enforcement and other first responders can see a layout of a building, such as a school, for example, and instantly have room-by-room situational awareness so they can know exactly what the emergency is and where they need to go, removing guesswork and delays saving precious time.

“In an emergency, such as an active shooter situation, accurate information and time are the most critical elements—seconds save lives,” said Chet Linton, CEO of AEGIX Global. “It is for this purpose that we have added several new features to the AEGIX AIM System to make it more powerful and user friendly. Furthermore, we feel we have a moral responsibility to make this technology available to law enforcement to help in their efforts to make our schools and communities safer. As such, through the AEGIX Foundation we are making AEGIX AIM available for free to law enforcement agencies and departments across the United States.”

The platform allows individuals, such as teachers in a classroom or managers in an office building to notify others of an emergency with a touch of a button. It enables real-time communication with chat features and a simple push-button function for teachers to let administrators and first responders know if they are “safe” or “unsafe.” The platform also provides maps with interactive floorplans that gives first responders real-time situational awareness to better know exactly what is happening and where they need to direct their efforts.

New features allow users to pre-approve alerts before general notification, specific team, department or division-only alerts, in-incident direct calling by individual people’s names, internal only alerts (for minor emergencies, such as a minor injury not requiring an ambulance or police).

AEGIX AIM now also includes Active shooter or lockdowns (critical incidents) alerts go directly to dispatch and identified law enforcement leadership, for the fastest response possible with immediate, direct communications to individuals on site. All building floor plans (and campus maps if desired), down to the room, are live in the application. This eliminates the need to locate or hunt for floor plans, saving an immense amount of time before responding. Furthermore, law enforcement-only maps with greater details of structures and other secure information are also available. Law enforcement may also have the ability to clear rooms in the system so dispatch, command post and special teams can immediately know the state within each building on each floor plan by room, which is critical in rapidly evolving situations.

AEGIX AIM empowers administrators, managers and law enforcement to know whether occupants are safe, unsafe, need medical attention or if people are missing and allows them to contact every person on the system directly by name who is within a building or campus.

The system also provides comprehensive logs and post-incident reports of all during-incident, within system, communications. This feature is extremely valuable for analyzing and re-creating events for post incident reports.

Training for AEGIX AIM not only provides peace of mind by helping familiarize leaders, law enforcement and individuals with the system, it also provides education and guidance on how to develop optimal emergency plans, how and when to conduct drills and how best to interact with police, first responders and others.

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