AVACO Provides Cost-Effective Solutions with Custom Design Services to Contract Manufacturing Market

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AVACO continues to expand its contract manufacturing service to target broader markets of the semiconductor equipment industry. As a veteran contract manufacturer for the FPD, PV, battery, and additive manufacturing industries, AVACO will take on a new marketing initiative providing a highly cost-effective solution to various industries that require reliable repeatability control and automation capability for both R&D and mass production equipment.

FemtoMetrix®, the world leader in optical Non-Visual Defect (NVD) inspection for surface and buried defects, has recently entered into a manufacturing service agreement with AVACO Co., Ltd. to build Harmonic F-Series process control tools. Alon Raphael, CEO of FemtoMetrix, says, “By working with AVACO, FemtoMetrix has a world-class manufacturing Partner that can build our Harmonic F-Series metrology systems, reliably and repeatably. This will allow FemtoMetrix to continue improving our SHG technology and expand our application set within semiconductors and beyond.” AVACO brings decades of experience in semiconductor capital equipment and contract manufacturing. The Harmonic F-Series tools are used for in-line process monitoring.

With a proven track record in the highly competitive mass production manufacturing market, AVACO offered both the original design and contract manufacturing for world-class production equipment throughout the years, holding exceptional expertise in automation control, mass production, complex assemblies, system design, and turnkey solution. “AVACO anticipates phenomenal growth for the semiconductor equipment market that will also require greater flexible processes to meet product variations, and our company’s background that encompasses high quality, reliable products, unparalleled service, and competitive prices will give the competitive edge for customer satisfaction for the CM and ODM demands,” stated Chuck Kim, AVACO’s Vice President & GM, Business Development.

AVACO is pleased to announce its participation in the IME Anaheim West 2023 (Design & Manufacturing West) Exhibit, February 7-9, 2023 at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. For more information, please visit us at Exhibit Halls A-E Booth #3479. Additional information can be found on our website at www.avaco.com.

About AVACO Co., Ltd.:

AVACO, a publicly traded company headquartered in Daegu, South Korea (KOSDAQ:083930), is a global supplier of OEM equipment and Contract manufacturing service that specializes in the mass production of manufacturing equipment that encompasses all aspects related to PVD, ALD, various BEOL, PV, additive manufacturing, semiconductor processing & metrology equipment, and factory automation equipment.

For more information, visit www.avaco.com, contact AVACO Inc. at 669-230-3111, or e-mail avaco-us@avaco.com.



Heather Kim, 669-230-3111