California Privacy Protection Agency Applauds Speaker Pelosi for her Statement on Federal Privacy Legislation

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–California Privacy Protection Agency Executive Director Ashkan Soltani released the following statement commending United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her comments on the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA), highlighting concerns with ADPPA’s limits on state privacy protections.

The California Privacy Protection Agency applauds Speaker Pelosi’s commitment to ensuring strong privacy protections, in California and across the country. We look forward to working with the Speaker and Chairman Pallone to ensure that any federal privacy legislation sets a true floor for privacy protections and preserves the key role of the states to innovate, particularly in response to rapidly evolving threats to privacy.”

In July, the California Privacy Protection Agency Board voted unanimously to oppose as currently drafted proposed federal privacy legislation that seeks to significantly weaken Californians’ privacy protections by pre-empting the California Consumer Privacy Act and other state privacy laws. Governor Gavin Newsom, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Senate President Pro Tempore Atkins and California Attorney General Rob Bonta have all also raised concerns regarding the broad preemption language in the bill.

CPPA Board Member Lydia De La Torre stated: “Preemption to me doesn’t really align with ensuring that Californians or, for that matter of residents of any state, enjoy the highest possible privacy protections. This is particularly concerning to me in an era… where Roe has been repealed.”