Helping Small Businesses Cut Complexity: 37signals Launches Basecamp 4

Level up with Basecamp’s all-in-one, unified, organized project management platform

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, 37signals announced the launch of Basecamp 4, the latest version of its project management platform, with more features to help teams focus on the actual work at hand, rather than the overhead of managing it. For nearly two decades, Basecamp has been built to reflect ideologies that offer a better way to work, and the latest version continues that tradition.

Basecamp 4 is proudly simple – because managing people, tasks and expectations is tough enough as it is. Built for the Fortune 5,000,000, (instead of the Fortune 500) Basecamp is the easiest way for everyone inside a company and out to organize, discuss, decide, and deliver projects, without spreading work across multiple apps and platforms. Basecamp provides users with an intuitively organized, central place for everyone to work on everything, together.

Bursting with intuitive new tools and features, the core of Basecamp 4 is clear communication. Users decide how they want to work, while owners, operators, and project managers get the visibility they need. This is accomplished through several key features in Basecamp 4, including:

  • Unlimited projects – get as many projects as you need to keep things organized
  • Unlimited customers and contractors – no additional charge to add customers or contractors to your Basecamp projects
  • Customizable home pages and notifications – users can customize their settings to be as detailed or high-level as they need for each individual project
  • Unlimited integrations – link to the other products you use from within Basecamp for streamlined workflows

Plus, managers stay on top of what’s going on using:

  • The Lineup – a simple, visual timeline of who’s involved in what, and when projects start and end
  • Hill charts – a graphic representation of where different parts of a project stand
  • Activity logs – to see what’s done, what’s upcoming and what’s on anyone’s plate, across all projects

“Based on feedback, and our own ideas, we’ve made thousands of improvements over the years, with more on the way. Basecamp defined a category, and continues to constantly push that category forward in innovative ways,” said Jason Fried, CEO and co-founder of 37signals. “We feel a deep sense of responsibility to continue making the best product we can for companies who desperately seek a better way to work. We’re here for them, 23 years and running.”

Basecamp 4 also brings a new pricing model – one all-inclusive plan at one simple price. There are no confusing “good, better, best” tiers with Basecamp. Every customer deserves and gets “the best,” always. Existing users of Basecamp 3 will see all the new features of Basecamp 4 immediately available on their platform, without the need to update the software and transition from one platform to another.

Basecamp is used by over 75,000 organizations big and small, across every industry imaginable, from 166 countries on five continents. To learn more about Basecamp 4, visit

About 37signals:

37signals is an American SaaS company, the makers of Basecamp and HEY, a pro-privacy and anti-SPAM, email platform for individuals and businesses. Pioneers of remote work, the company was founded in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois, and now operates on a fully remote basis across 16 countries on five continents. Basecamp is designed for small businesses and centers its design on visibility, productivity and communication.


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