Japan natto cooperative society federation launched the Chinese version of its official website, “Natto Power — Japanese Fermented Food Natto, the key to Better Living –” on Monday, March 6, to promote the appeal of natto to the world

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Japan natto cooperative society federation (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Yoshihiro Noro) has launched the Chinese version of its new website, “Natto Power — Japanese Fermented Food Natto, the key to Better Living –” to promote the power of natto, a traditional Japanese food that has supported Japanese people’s health, to the world.

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As neighbors, Japan and China have been deeply involved in each other’s food culture and developed various cultures over a long history of exchange.

Although many of the ingredients in Japanese food are of Chinese origin, natto, a fermented viscous food, is an ingredient developed uniquely in Japan. As sushi, soba, and other Japanese restaurants open in various parts of China and the tastes attract attention, interest in “natto” as a Japanese food ingredient is growing. Natto is now widely known as a very healthy and tasty food among Chinese people.

There are a large number of fermented foods, many of which are processed with edible bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and koji mold for preservation purposes.

On the other hand, natto, which is made with a unique edible bacterium called bacillus natto, is said to be a “rare food” among fermented foods due to its viscous substance and the soy protein broken down into a form that can be easily absorbed.

Made from nutrient-rich soybeans, its nutritional value is further enhanced by the bacillus natto. Natto is a treasure trove of nutrients that help maintain good health, including vitamin K2, which strengthens bones, and polyamines, which keep blood vessels young.

The website is established to promote a deeper understanding and interest in natto among people around the world, introducing the food culture of natto, a unique Japanese viscous food, in a clear and detailed manner while communicating that natto is good for the body.

In addition to easy-to-understand presentations of the health functions of soybeans or natto and natto production methods, using illustrations and powerful photos of natto, the website also includes video content. It is designed to allow visitors to fully enjoy the appeal of natto.

We hope that the people of China, whose history and climate have nurtured a culture of soy foods such as tofu (bean curd), Abura-age (deep-fried tofu), and Atsu-age (thick-fried tofu), will learn through this website how natto contributes to our health and how it is made. We also hope that by providing correct information on natto through this website, we can increase the interest of Chinese people in natto and encourage them to eat natto.

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