MD-Staff Automations Increase Efficiency to Drive Tangible Outcomes, According to KLAS Research

TEMECULA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Applied Statistics and Management Inc.’s (ASM) flagship software MD-Staff increases efficiency to drive tangible outcomes for medical service offices, according to KLAS® Research published in the Credentialing 2022 report. Yearly, KLAS® Research interviews healthcare professionals about numerous areas connected to increasing efficiency and improvement on their vendor’s ability to provide guidance on best practices and the strengths and weaknesses in their credentialing solution. To assess how successfully vendors are keeping their promises, this report examines three key predictors of efficiency: the usage of automation, robust credentialing workflows, and vendor partnership/guidance.

“ASM customers frequently report being fully paperless thanks to MD-Staff’s electronic application tools, virtual committee capabilities, and robust connections with outside databases. Strong functionality and automations have helped organizations…significantly reduce turnaround times,” reported KLAS® in the Credentialing 2022 report. “ASM is ahead of the curve when it comes to providing guidance and best practices to help drive efficiency.”

Participants report processing times for initial appointments for providers have been significantly reduced from 90 days to less than 30 days! Implementing automated workflow capabilities with reappointments and peer reviews has drastically cut time and errors in maintaining up-to-date records for patient safety.

Backed with over 40 years of innovation, MD-Staff’s capabilities with documentation autofill, license verifications, and their Virtual Committee solution have streamlined the credentialing process with healthcare facilities saving time and expenditures. ASM continues to invest in streamlining the online processing of primary source verification for credentialing and onboarding providers. MD-Staff’s automation eliminates the redundancy of routine tasks through customizable workflows performed with a click of a button. Automated primary source verifications, drag-and-drop privileging, and a “source of truth” database are why MD-Staff is top-ranked in credentialing and why five of the leading hospitals in the nation have selected MD-Staff as their credentialing solution!

“Numerous spreadsheets, laborious data entry, and painstaking monitoring of multiple payer, state, and national databases have previously been necessary for credentialing management, resulting in considerable inefficiencies and costs,” said Nick Phan, Executive Vice President of ASM. “The KLAS® Credentialing 2022 report affirms our belief that the combination of an innovative software and personalized service generates happy customers.”

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About ASM

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Temecula, CA, Applied Statistics & Management, Inc. (ASM) is dedicated to the development and support of software solutions that leverage the latest technologies and methodologies for the healthcare industry. ASM’s flagship product, MD-Staff, is the most advanced credentialing, privileging, and provider information management platform available. Used by over 2,000 facilities worldwide, ASM provides integrated, credentialing solutions to provide medical facilities a single-source database for provider information. Our products are designed to eliminate redundancy by automating and managing credentialing, privileging, OPPE, FPPE, and peer review processes.

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