MIR LIST, A Legend GameFi Project, Launched Global Expansion Based on Web 3.0 Concept

OTTAWA, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently, MIR LIST Legend GameFi officially announced its global expansion, based on DAO governance mechanism, and simultaneously builds local communities in Malaysia, Japan and Singapore to further advance its globalization.

MIR LIST is a multiplayer online competitive game designed based on the Web 3.0 concept, integrating SocialFi, DeFi, GameFi and NFT, building a new independently explorable combat competitive Metaverse, the Marfa Continent, unlocking prehistoric beasts, matchmaking squares, golden squares, and XDAG treasure scenes to create a popular Web3.0 Metaverse open game ecosystem.

Recently, MIR LIST opened the internal test with extremely popular scene, and in less than a week, 10,000 users registered. Besides, the number of participants in the test was still increasing exponentially.

The game is highly integrated with Web3.0, in addition to the usual on-chain gameplay such as P2E and PvP, MIR LIST introduces a new economic model of Play-To-Own to achieve benefits back to the players. Players receive ownership of the game in the form of tokens (HAX), NFT (Marfa Apocalypse) or other assets for their contributions.

By focusing on fun gameplay and a sustainable economic operating model, MIR LIST builds a profitable ecosystem that benefits players, and fosters ownership of the game and builds a strong sense of community, which is continuously achieved through a designated cross-media content strategy.

On the design of the Token economy, MIR LIST launched the platform token HAX, measuring 2 billion pieces issued to participate in various scenarios such as platform voting, purchasing props, fees, casting NFT, etc. In addition to enhancing the practical value of HAX, the circulation of HAX is consumed, ultimately achieving absolute deflation of the Token. MIR LIST introduces a completely decentralized, POW mainnet coin based on a Direct Acyclic Graph, XDAG, forming a unique gold-farming model, enabling seamless exchange of assets between the MIR LIST platform and other cryptocurrencies.

On a technical level, MIR LIST is built on scalability and highly secure underlying blockchain network to satisfy players’ quest for privacy, enhances social interactivity, builds players’ gaming identities and offers immersive social and MMO experience.

The MIR LIST design philosophy serves and originates from players, focuses on players’ long-term pursuits. And the team will continue to strengthen technology, transparent governance and community services to create a Web3.0 phenomenal Legend game.


Ottawa, Canada