Once Accounting Technologies is the Client Integration Platform for CPAs

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In February, 2022, BaCo Tech announced that it would be rebranding to Once Accounting Technologies. It launched a temporary logo and webpage to explain the rebranding. As of today, the company is officially and publicly launching the brand as Once Accounting Technologies with the above logo and color scheme.

“Once” was established as the new brand because it has the capability of performing redundant tax actions once, forever. By implementing the Once workflow, clients can gather client accounting data, map client accounting data for tax returns, create book-to-tax adjustments, and consolidate client financials…once, forever. These many functions are the reason Once will be the go-to client integration platform for CPAs. Along with the name “Once,” the highlighted “1” in the logo was created to call out the company’s capabilities even more, pointing out that it only takes one action to perform redundant tasks and that Once is the one and only client integration platform you’ll need to see everything all together in one place.

The social media accounts for Once and the emails of its employees will be changing, so those familiar with the brand should be looking out for that. They should also look out for the new brand and color scheme at upcoming accounting conferences this summer and fall.

For more information visit onceaccounting.com


Once Accounting Technologies

Terri Edmonds