Project Venkman Selects Hypermint by Moonpay for Its NFT Minting

The ‘Bill Murray 1000’ is now powered by Moonpay’s Hypermint!

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Project Venkman, a web3 membership platform, announced a collaboration with Moonpay to build out its debut membership NFT collection, the Bill Murray 1000. The collection has earned industry accolades as being the “blueprint” for celebrity memberships, according to Forbes. Each owner has access to exclusive perks and stories from iconic actor, Bill Murray, including in-person meet and greets.

Moonpay makes it simple for people to buy NFTs with a credit card. Project Venkman is excited to bring that streamlined checkout process to its collections to make membership easy. Over 60% of the Bill Murray 1000 were first-time NFT buyers and Moonpay’s innovations in the crypto space paves the way for more true fans to join the club.

“The next generation of blue-chip NFTs will be marked by clear benefits, strong community, and a seamless owner experience. We’re proud to build on Moonpay to deliver on these new improvements like Hypermint and Moonpay Checkout,” said Gavin Gillas, CEO of Venkman Holdings.

About Project Venkman

Project Venkman builds iconic celebrity memberships. Project Venkman was founded by a team with a decade of blockchain experience and is backed by visionary investors and funds supported by global consumer brands. To learn how Project Venkman can empower your brand or celebrity, visit


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