STK’s REGEV® Hybrid Fungicide Wins “Best Biochemical Product of the Year”

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–STK Bio-Ag Technologies, a pioneer in the development and marketing of botanical based and hybrid solutions for crop protection, received the Best Biochemical Product of the Year Award from the World BioProtection Forum at an award dinner and ceremony held May 23 in Birmingham, UK. The Award was for REGEV®, the first-ever ‘hybrid’ fungicide. Accepting the Award were STK CEO Arye Tenenbaum and VP R&D and Business Development Shay Shaanan.

The “Best Biochemical Product of the Year” was awarded to STK’s REGEV® ‘hybrid’ fungicide based upon the “innovativeness, scientific value/uniqueness and market impact of the product”, according to the World BioProtection Forum’s criteria. An international panel of 20 senior agricultural executives and research scientists evaluated many successful products based on a point system. The judges’ collective decision to award this honor to REGEV® was based on what the STK scientific and development team had discovered, tested, proven and successfully commercialized in diverse countries and regions of the world.

REGEV hybrid fungicide is a marriage of chemistry and biology. REGEV is the first product of its kind, a hybrid solution that delivers effective and sustainable disease control for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, row crops and broad acre crops. It serves as an easy ‘bridge’ for most growers who have never tried any product having biological content. That’s because REGEV is used exactly the same way as the grower’s current synthetic chemical pesticide… no mixing, nothing different in applying or storing, no having to learn anything new about biology… only with REGEV, the grower substantially improves resistance management due to REGEV’s ‘multiple modes-of-action’. The grower also reduces chemical residues on produce significantly, making the grower’s products more exportable to countries, regions and food chains having strict chemical residue limits (MRL’s). REGEV substantially reduces any harmful effects to farmers, consumers and on the environment, enabling growers in all sectors and geographies to reduce their ecological footprint and thrive economically. REGEV is a preventive, double kick-back curative and anti-sporulant. REGEV is BM01: New frac group for Tea Tree Oil (label pending).

According to STK CEO Arye Tenenbaum, “The STK team is proud to have REGEV ‘hybrid’ fungicide selected as the Best Biochemical Product by the World BioProtection Forum. STK is achieving its mission of providing the best possible solutions for sustainable agriculture and food protection throughout the value chain, from field to fork.”

Shay Shaanan, STK VP R&D and Business Development added, “REGEV is successfully used by growers throughout the USA, Latin America, East Asia, parts of Europe and Israel. Based upon REGEV’s popularity and commercial success, STK is developing new hybrid products which are so effective and easy for growers to use, that we believe they will be the future of sustainable agriculture.”

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STK creates breakthrough biologic formulations from plant extracts that effectively protect agricultural and aquafarming harvests and significantly reduce their exposure to chemicals.

STK applies cutting-edge science and technology to commercialize the naturally-occurring, disease-resistant qualities in a variety of plants. Our bio-agro food protection solutions enhance the safety, yield and quality of multiple crops.

With operations in nearly 40 countries and licensed product registrations for its nature-sourced bio innovations, STK is a pioneer in the global sustainable agriculture movement, offering a transformative solution for 21st century food protection challenges.

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