Trace3 Celebrates 20 Years of Success and Innovation

Three-man VAR grows into nationwide IT services and solutions consultancy with more than 1,200 employees and revenues exceeding $2B

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading IT solutions provider Trace3 marked its 20-year anniversary this week with a series of celebrations featuring major milestones from the past two decades.

From humble beginnings in 2002 – an idea and $100 – Trace3 has grown into a nationwide network of elite engineers, consultants, account teams, and IT professionals. Trace3’s business and culture are powered by a sharp focus on helping clients achieve superior business outcomes through technology and services.

“From the beginning, what has been our North Star and what’s fueled Trace3’s growth is our motto that ‘all possibilities live in technology,’” Chief Executive Officer Rich Fennessy said. “We truly believe that technology is the key enabler of business process and, by extension, a better client experience.”

Trace3 focuses on a broad mix of end-to-end solutions, ranging from artificial intelligence and data science to cloud computing and security consulting. The company is known for bringing disruptive technologies to market through its concentration on innovation and emerging technology in partnership with the venture capital community.

Trace3’s brand pillars and unique culture that rewards innovation, teamwork, and client-centricity support the company’s “all possibilities” approach to technology.

“The company’s brand pillars of emerging technology, elite engineering, and client intimacy have been the bedrock of our strategy since inception,” Chief Marketing Officer Sandy Salty said. “They provide context for our people, enabled by our culture, and will continue to energize Trace3’s evolution for years to come.”

After 20 years of helping clients leverage technology innovation to improve their business processes and respective customer experiences, Trace3 shows no signs of slowing down its growth trajectory. The company continues to build greater emphasis on innovation and consulting services, continually seeking to be first to market with new ideas to empower their clients.

Trace3 launched a video today showcasing the company’s 20-year dedication to the IT industry.

About Trace3

Trace3 is a premier provider of advanced technology consultation services and solutions. Founded in 2002, Trace3 offers a broad mix of end-to-end technology services and solutions, ranging from artificial intelligence and data science to cloud computing and security consulting. The company also offers a venture capital briefing program, with a sharp focus on emerging technologies, and provides clients with extensive research focused on the latest IT trends. Trace3 is headquartered in Irvine, Calif. and maintains 25 office locations across the United States. For more information, visit


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