WEBGAP Launches Remote Browser Isolation Platform for Universities

Free Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) For Universities, Colleges and School Districts

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RBI–Remote browser isolation (RBI) cybersecurity vendor WEBGAP today announced that they had launched the enterprise version of their award-winning remote browser isolation platform, following a two-year development, testing, and private beta process.

Their new platform will be free for universities and educational establishments as part of WEBGAP’s efforts toward mass market adoption of remote browser isolation solutions, enabling higher education institutions to better protect themselves, and their students, against browser-based cyberattacks and malware threats, and leverage WEBGAP as a platform for teaching the concept and principles of browser isolation to their own student body.

WEBGAP’s E1 release RBI platform represents a significant improvement on their previous beta platform, with brand new administration and tenant management portals, enhanced user group management and more granular user administration capabilities. The E1 release also launches WEBGAP’s long-awaited ‘proxy mode’ which enables administrators to frictionlessly deploy their RBI solution to their users, while delivering a native user experience.

Under the hood WEBGAP has made some significant upgrades, enhancing multi-tenancy capabilities by separating administrative controls into a tenant and admin panel, improving the robustness of the platform through extensive security hardening and improving user experience by lowering the latency of their DOM-based presentation display technology.

WEBGAP CEO Guise Bule said today, “Our E1 release marks the beginning of our mission to drive remote browser isolation into the heart of a future mass market, and we begin this mission by letting schools, universities and educational institutions use WEBGAP for free so that they can educate the next generation on the benefits of secure web browsing and enable their students to better protect themselves when browsing the web on university computers.”


WEBGAP INC. is an award-winning remote browser isolation (RBI) cybersecurity vendor and the developer of the patent-pending WEBGAP cybersecurity isolation platform. WEBGAP is an Intel partner and alumni of the Intel Builder Program, and a CAGE/SAM registered contractor approved by DLA.mil to work with any federal government agency or branch and provide zero trust consulting services to its governmental customers.


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