Wilson Electronics Announces First-ever Cell Signal Booster for Overland and Off-road Vehicles

weBoost’s Drive Reach Overland Cell Signal Booster Now Gives Drivers the Ability to Travel Further Off the Beaten Path and Still Enjoy Connectivity

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Wilson Electronics announced the launch of its new weBoost Drive Reach Overland cell signal booster, designed specifically for overland and off-road adventure seekers.

With input from the overlanding community and influential off-roaders, weBoost’s US engineering team designed the kit for rough terrain and outdoor conditions. The Drive Reach is the most powerful cell signal booster on the market providing the max decibel gain allowed by the FCC in a moving vehicle. In addition to a powerful boost, this customizable kit brings together weBoost’s toughest antenna and adaptable mount to fit any rig when traveling off the beaten path.

One of the most significant features of the Drive Reach Overland is its versatile mounting bracket, giving drivers the option of how the antenna attaches to their vehicles. The outside antenna can be attached using either a T-slot, pole, or fixed mounting. Also included with the Drive Reach Overland is weBoost’s most powerful and durable omnidirectional outside antenna–it meets US Military and NEMA standards to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Finally, the outside antenna can be folded down for garage storage or easily removed for cleaning and storage.

“We are thrilled to announce this exceptional cell signal booster for overlanding enthusiasts,” said Wilson Electronics Product Manager Brett Beatty. “Our team engineered every aspect of this booster kit with precision–equipping it with revolutionary technology to amplify and maximize cell signal in the most remote, off-road locations, and making it durable enough to handle changing weather conditions and the environmental challenges that come with off-roading.”

The weBoost Drive Reach Overland was designed to accommodate multiple devices and users, and works on all cellular devices and carriers simultaneously. Installation of the weBoost Drive Reach Overland is a simple process, with easy, DIY instructions provided on the weBoost app.

“Now with Drive Reach Overland, drivers will have reliable connectivity to immediately call for help when needed, or to simply keep in touch with family and friends while on their adventures,” said Wilson Electronics CEO Bruce Lancaster. “The weBoost system really gives overlanding enthusiasts the opportunity to push the limits on their adventures. Our most rugged design ever, built with these adventures in mind will be sure to please.”

To learn more about the new weBoost Drive Reach Overland cell signal booster or to order, visit weBoost.com.

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